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About Buffalo Productions

Buffalo Productions was founded from the ancestry of its developer, Dana Cowden. Her great grandfather was Lakota Sioux, and her father had a ranch in central Texas with two buffalo named Buffy and Cody. Dana’s deep connection to the earth and all her inhabitants was founded on her Grandparent’s and father’s ranch. When she launched Buffalo Productions, she did so with the motto, “Making films that matter”.  Her goal is to explore questions about our growth as humans in fantastical and entertaining settings.

After making several short films, Buffalo Productions has launched into full feature films with the first coming out on platforms now. Branching out further, the company has brought in other productions to the studio as well. The goal is to become a prolific independent production company in Texas promoting diverse, talented filmmakers. Buffalo Productions is devoted to giving them a quality studio and support to get their films made and seen by the world.

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