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Ohryis Project

A single mom on a routine flight sees something her company is hiding and wakes up on a prison outpost in deep space. She'll do whatever it takes to get back home to her girls, but first she'll have to find out why inmates go missing to stay alive.


On a mission to set up a robot colony on Mars, Android Officer Nova is caught between her human crew-mates and her own kind when a mutiny erupts during the flight. 

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Ella and the Sun


Ella poster.jpeg

Ella's best friends are the sun and wind, which cause her mother to try to "fix" her.

Just Imagine

Just Imagine.png

Little Maggie's imaginary world takes over as her home life is falling apart. 


Host Movie Poster.png

Ten-year-old Gen is desperate to escape the perilous island she's trapped on but can she escape what's growing stronger inside her? 

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